Revised 1/09




The name of the organization shall be the Ohio High School Fastpitch Softball Coaches Association. It shall be a non-profit organization composed of fastpitch coaches and persons interested in fastpitch softball.




A.                 To promote the sport of fastpitch softball in the state of Ohio.

B.                 To provide for the athlete the best possible program for their individual and team development.

C.                 To work closely with the OHSAA in the development of fastpitch softball and to represent the coaches.

D.                 To increase interest and knowledge of fastpitch softball for players, coaches and spectators.

E.                 To promote and maintain the highest possible standards and ethics in fastpitch softball and our coaching profession.

F.                  To promote harmonious relationships between school administrations, umpires and coaches.

G.                 To assess and evaluate the competition on all levels and present proposals to the State Board of Control for their consideration.

H.                To promote state clinics, meetings, all state teams, all star games, and other functions related to fastpitch softball.




  1. There shall be two types of membership – active and associate.


Section 1: Active membership shall include all head fastpitch softball coaches actively engaged in the High School program and employed by the local Board of Education.


Section 2: Associate membership will consist of assistant coaches, junior high/middle school, summer, collegiate, retired and all other interested parties.


Section 3: All members shall have the privilege of attending regular functions of the Association and participating in clinics.


Section 4: Only active members shall have the right to vote on State issues. A vote of 51% of those present shall be necessary for passage of any proposal or amendment.


Section 5: The active membership entitles each high school to nominate players for All State Honors; allowing only one vote per high school for All State selections.


Section 6: Members of the Association shall pay annual dues as determined by the Executive Committee. The fiscal year for membership shall be from February 1 through January 31 inclusive.


Section 7: To be a member in good standing and have the right to vote each year membership fees shall be paid by March 15th.




A.                 Membership in the association shall be terminated yearly. Membership each year begins with the payment of annual membership fees.


B.         A member may be suspended from membership for the following reasons:

            1. Non-payment of fees.

            2. Unprofessional, Unsportsmanlike and Unethical behavior.

            3. Non attendance of meetings.




A.                 Executive Officers shall be: President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, 2nd Vice-President, State Poll Director, OHSAA Representative, Website Director, Assistant Clinic Director, and Communication/Publicity Director.


Section 1: To be eligible for President and President-elect, the individual shall be actively coaching fastpitch softball as a varsity high school head coach.


B.                 The Executive Committee shall include all elected officers, the Past President, Second Vice President, State Poll Director and two representatives from each of the state districts, Website Director, Assistant Clinic Director, and an Ex-officio member.


C.                 The term of office for all elected officers shall be for two (2) year terms with the President-elect automatically moving to President for another two (2) year term.


Section 1: All Officers shall be elected by the memberships of the association except:

a.      The Second Vice President shall be appointed by the President

b.      The State Poll Director shall be appointed by the President

c.       The OHSAA Representative shall be appointed by the President.

d.      The Website Director shall be appointed by the President.

e.      The Assistant Clinic Director shall be appointed by the President.


Section 2: In the event an officer cannot complete the term of office, the following procedure shall be followed:


a.      President: The President Elect shall assume the office of President.

b.      Any other office that is vacated, the executive committee shall appoint a replacement or hold a special election by mail within 30 days.


Section 3: Fees shall be paid to association members, who perform the following listed duties. Fees are to be established and reviewed by the finance committee.


a.      Fee for handling membership and compiling mailing rosters of members.

b.      Expense money to officers for State Board of Control meetings and Executive Committee meetings.

c.       Stipend for printing of publications as assigned by the President.

d.      Expense money to designated member to attend the National High School Athletic Association Convention or the National Fastpitch Coaches Association convention.

e.      Stipend for Website Director.


D.                 All nominations for officers shall be submitted to the President before the State Fastpitch Softball Coaches clinic and meeting. The election for officers shall be at the State Fastpitch Coaches meeting with open nominations from the membership. If necessary, elections may also be held by mail.




A.                 The Ohio High School Fastpitch Softball Coaches Association shall meet one (1) time per year. This meeting will be held at the Association’s annual state clinic. There will be a total membership meeting and a district meeting at this time.


B.                 The Executive Committee will meet four (4) times per year. The Fall meeting shall take place the third Sunday in October. The Winter meeting will be held the evening before the clinic and if necessary, the first day of the clinic. The Spring meeting will be held at the Ohio High School State Fastpitch Tournament. The Summer meeting will be held at the All-Ohio Underclass Tournament.


C.                 Special meetings may be called by the President as she/he deems necessary.


D.                 Reimbursement of expenses incurred by travel shall be provided to the officers and Executive Committee when there is a regular scheduled or emergency meeting. Gas mileage money ($25.00 stipend 1999) will be provided to each officer and/or officer attending OHSAA or OHSFCA meetings.





A.     The Executive Committee will consist of the President, President-Elect, 2nd Vice President, Past-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Poll Director, OHSAA Representative, Website Director, Assistant Clinic Director, communication/Publicity Director, and two representatives from each of the following districts: Central, East, Southeast, Southwest, Northeast and Northwest. These representatives will be selected by their districts. The term for the District Representatives will be two (2) years. The two District Representatives will overlap their terms so one representative will be returning.


B.     The executive Committee will comprise the governing body and adopt necessary by-laws.


C.     The Executive Committee shall transact the official business of the organization and shall report its action through newsletters to the total membership. The Executive Committee shall rule on any matters not covered by the Constitution.


Section 1: District Representatives’ duties are:


a.      Collect information from their district for the newsletter.

b.      Attend Executive Committee meetings.

c.       Assist Director of District All-Star Games and All-Ohio Underclass Tournament.

d.      Attend State Banquet and All-Ohio Underclass Tournament in June.

e.      Disseminate information at their District meetings.

f.        Responsible for the selection of their District All-Stars, players and coaches and to direct the District All-Star game. Selection of Underclass All-Star players and coaches for the All-Ohio Tournament. Assist with the selection of their district’s All-District and All-State players.

g.      Responsible for the selection of their district’s Delores Billhardt Scholarship and inviting the player to the All-Ohio Banquet in June.

h.      Handout awards at the All-Ohio Banquet and will be responsible for absent awards.

i.        Update (create) State Representative notebook and pass it down to the next Representative in line.

j.        Organizing and disseminating district service award information.




A.     Standing committees shall be:


1.       Constitution

2.      Communications

3.      All-Ohio Tournament

4.      State Clinic

5.      Scholarship

6.      Finance

7.      All-Ohio Banquet

8.      State Poll

9.      Service Awards

10.   Hall of Fame

11.    Academic Awards




  1. Webpage – will be maintained by the Web Site Director. The Webpage will be used to communicate all Association business and inform all members of fastpitch softball activities throughout the state. The address of the Webpage will be www.ohsfsca.org.


Section 1: The following information will be printed on the Webpage:

    1. President’s comments
    2. Minutes from the Secretary
    3. Financial reports from the Treasurer
    4. Executive Committee directory
    5. District Information & Registration form
    6. Membership form and Change of Address form
    7. Advertisements
    8. Deadline information for various awards.
    9. Election results if it is an election year.
    10. Poll Voter information
    11. All State Banquet information/registration
    12. OHSAA Ethics Award winner and District nominees
    13. Underclass Tournament information
    14. Pictures of clinic
    15. Dee Billhardt Scholarship winners
    16. All-State players from each division
    17. Hall of Fame Inductees
    18. State Champions and Final Four from each division
    19. Underclass Tournament pictures
    20. Coaches Award Scholarship winner


Section 2: The District Representative’s report will be sent to the Web Site Director and include the following:

a.         Calendar of events for your district

b.         Any area clinics

c.          Any fastpitch softball happenings


  1. The Coaches Career Win and Service awards will be given to association members at the Coaches Clinic Awards Luncheon each year. The Career Wins Award will go to coaches who have accumulated 100, 200, 300, 400, and etc. varsity fastpitch softball victories during their coaching career. The Service Award will be given to association members who have been an association member for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and etc. years. A list of members who qualify will be created each year by the District President and Treasurer, and then the District Presidents will notify the respective coaches.


  1. District All-Stars will be selected by dues paying active members (one vote per school) of her/his respective districts. Each district will follow their constitution for district athlete award eligibility. Players will also be nominated in their respective divisions unless numbers deem otherwise. Selections will be made at the District meetings the third Sunday in May. A District All-Star Game will be conducted each May or June, directed by each District’s President.


  1. An All-Ohio Summer Tournament for underclass softball athletes will be conducted the third or fourth week in June. Rules and regulations for this tournament will be determined by the Executive Committee.


  1. Twelve (12) Scholarships will be presented each year by the OHSFSCA. Six (6) Delores Billhardt Scholarship awards will be presented and six (6) Jan Keatley Scholarship awards will be presented each year. The selection committee will consist of each District’s Executive Committee. Any association member may nominate a candidate. All applications will be reviewed at the Spring meeting. The recipients will be notified by phone and by mail by the District President. The recipients will be invited to the State Banquet to receive her award. Each applicant will be judged on her scholastic record, personal achievement, school and community activities and her personal biography. The awards will be made by check payable to the school that the recipient is enrolled.


Section 1:

    1. Application forms will be distributed by your District association and at the State Clinic.
    2. Deadline to return application forms will be March 15 to District Presidents.


  1. The OHSFSCA will honor all fastpitch softball scholar athletes.


Section 1: All athletes must meet the following criteria:

    1. Their coach must be an active member of her/his respective District Association and of the OHSFSCA.
    2. Must be a Junior or Senior, who has lettered as a VARSITY player for the season PRIOR to this nomination.
    3. Must carry a minimum 3.5 GPA (figured on a four point scale with no weighted grades). Please carry the GPA out three decimal points ie: 3.579. To calculate please use grades up to the end of the first semester of this academic year.
    4. Application Deadline is MARCH 15th.


  1. The OHSFSCA Hall of Fame Award will honor Ohio high school varsity fastpitch softball coaches and others for outstanding contribution to the development of Ohio High School Fastpitch Softball. The person must be nominated with at least two written letters of recommendation and approved by the Executive Committee of the OHSFSCA.


Section 1: The criteria for nomination for a coach are:

    1. Must be a varsity coach in Ohio for (10) ten years
    2. Must meet the 1300 point criteria as stated on the application form
    3. An outstanding contribution to the development of Ohio High School Fastpitch Softball
    4. Nominations come from the District Representative or Executive Committee and limited to one nomination per district per year.
    5. Application Deadline is January 1.


  1. An All-State awards banquet will be held the third or fourth week in June to honor the fastpitch softball athletes selected for the All-State awards. Each District Association will be responsible for the selection of its respective classification.


Section 1: to be considered for selection a coach must be a dues paying member of her/his District and of the State Association. Each District will follow their constitution for district award eligibility. This will entitle the coach to nominate players for All-State honors and to vote on players nominated in their respective classifications. Coaches will vote according to their respective school classification. Each school will have (1) one vote.


Section 2: For All-State teams there will be one first team, one second team and one honorable mention player selected for every ten (or part of ten) member school per classification in each district.


Section 3: The number of All-State players per District will be based on a one for every ten schools (or part) that are State Association members in each classification within each District. This information will be compiles by the State Treasurer and sent to the District Presidents and voted upon at their District meeting to be held the third Sunday in May.

            (Example: 1-10 = one All-State; 11-20 = two All-State)


Section 4: District Representatives will be given an All-State information form that must be completed by the coaches the day of the selection and handed back to the District Representative before leaving the meeting site.


Section 5: The District Representative will then collect all the All-State information forms for those players selected. Label the forms according to the team for which they are selected. Check the information and compile a complete list of selections to be sent to the State Association President and Information Director. (Name, Grade, School, Position, Head Coach)


Section 6: DEADLINE TO MAIL the information forms by the District Representative is JUNE 1.


Section 7: Each District President will send a letter of congratulation and a banquet reservation form to each of their District’s All-State players.


Section 8: The awards and type of awards will be at the discretion of the State Association All-State Committee or Executive Board.




A. President   (Term is two years)


1.       Preside at all meetings of the association, act as Ex-officio member and give direction of committees.

2.      Responsible for all communications.

3.      Shall attend OHSAA State Board of Control meetings or appoint a representative to attend when it pertains to fastpitch softball.

4.      Appoint Standing committees.

5.      Encourage membership to the State Fastpitch Association and attendance at state coach’s clinics, meetings and All-State contests/banquet.

6.      Promote a good relationship between coaches, officials, schools, and news media in the state.

7.      Meet with the various District Presidents at the State Clinic.

8.      Assist with organization of Hall of Fame Luncheon.


B.     President-Elect


1.       Act and perform all duties of President in their absence and assume the office of President.

2.      Serve as consultant to the standing committees as directed by the President.

3.      Director of the All-Ohio Underclass Tournament.


C.     Second Vice-President


1.       Responsible for the organization of the OHSFSCA coaching clinic.


D.     Secretary


1.       Record the minutes at Association and Executive Board meetings.

2.      Responsible for minutes to be sent to OHSAA office, State Board of Control, Districts and Executive Committee members.

3.      Send correspondence to membership as directed by the President.

4.      Correspond with and organize Clinic vendors.


E.     Treasurer


1.       Be responsible for membership and collecting the membership fees and paying debts of the Association.

2.      Be responsible for collecting reservations (clinic and banquet), reporting reservation numbers, and signing State Banquet contracts.

3.      Recording of membership coaching records and career awards given to coaches at the Coaches Award Luncheon.


F.      Communications/Publicity Director


1.       Be responsible for all communications as directed by the President.

2.      Be responsible for all publicity of the activities of the Association.

3.      Be responsible for the program for the Hall of Fame Luncheon.

4.      Be responsible for the program for the All-State Banquet.

5.      Be responsible for the program for the All-Ohio Underclass tournament.

6.      Assist Clinic Director with Clinic publications.

7.      Assist the Website Director



G.     Past President


1.       Serve as an ex-officio of the Executive Committee for a two year term.

2.      Coordinate the Dolores Billhardt Scholarship Awards.

3.      Coordinate the Coaches Scholarship Award.

4.      He/She will be voting member of the Executive Committee.

5.      Invite past Hall of Fame inductees and current inductees to the OHSFSCA State Clinic for the Coaches Award Luncheon.


H.    State Poll Director


1.       Be responsible for the organization and implementation of the State Coaches Poll.

2.      Contact newspapers and make arrangements for AP (Associated Press) distribution of the weekly poll.

3.      Be responsible for the publication and distribution of the District/Division Poll Voters.

4.      Compile an end of the season voting record for each District Poll Voter and present information to the Executive Committee.


I.       Web Site Director


1.       Maintain the Web Page address at www.ohsfsca.org, by constantly updating the information listed under Project A, Section 1 a-t.


J.      Assistant Clinic Director


1.       Assist the President with the planning and implementation of the Hall of Fame Luncheon at clinic.

2.      Obtain pictures and biographies of the Hall of Fame inductees.

3.      Assist with compiling the district service awards.

4.      Assist with compiling the career wins awards.

5.      Contact the presenter at the Sports Medicine and CPR clinic functions.

6.      Organizing the registration for the Sports Medicine and CPR clinic functions.

7.      Assist the Clinic Director as needed.


K.     OHSAA Representative


1.       Attend OHSAA as a liaison of the Association.

2.      Attend State Board of Control meetings to present proposals of the OHSFSCA.




A.     Any proposed amendment shall be submitted in writing to the President, prior to any regular meeting of the Executive Committee and then the amendment shall be read at a regular meeting of the Association. A 51% vote of members present shall be necessary for adoption of the amendment.




A.     Call to order by the President

B.     Reading and dispersal of the minutes

C.     Treasurer’s report

D.     Report from officers and standing committees

E.     Unfinished business

F.      New business

G.     Adjournment




A.     5-Minute Warning

B.     Welcome – Moment of Silence (President)

C.     Dinner served

D.     Brief history of the OHSFSCA (President)

E.      Introduction of the Executive Committee (President)

F.      Introduce – “Coaches Scholarship” Award Winner (Past President)  (picture)

G.     “Billhardt Scholarship Awards” – Brief History (Past President)

H.     Introduction of Billhardt Award Winners (Past President) (picture)

I.        All-Ohio Awards (President)

Honorable Mention by Division: I – II – III – IV

2nd Team by Division:                  I –II – III – IV

1st Team by Division:                   I –II – III – IV

President Elect shakes hands and hands out awards.

Each player walks to the microphone and introduces themselves. (Team picture)

J.       Closing (President)




A.     Welcome (President)

B.     Lunch served

C.     Introduction of Guest Speaker (President)

D.     Guest Speaker (10-15 minutes)

E.     Present Coaches “Wins” Awards (Past President/District Representatives)

F.      Present Coaches Longevity Awards (State Poll Director/District Representatives)

G.     Introduction of District Nominees for Sportsmanship, Integrity, and Ethics Award (President-Elect)

H.    Introduce the State SEI Winner (President-Elect)

I.       Announce the Team Academic Award Winners (Asst. Clinic Director)

J.      Announce Previous Years’ Poll Voter Champions (State Poll Director)

K.     Introduce Hall of Fame Inductees (President )

L.      Closing (President)

(Pictures of all award winners to be taken by the Public Relations Director)